Minimal wooden bike hooks.
These bike hooks were created for people who store their bikes (sometimes more than one) in the house and want to save space by hanging them on the wall.


Forget all the other big and ugly bike holders you see on the market! With this model, if you are not using it, simply undock and it disappears from your sight … in the wall remains only the small knobs and the steel pads that protect the wall from ugly marks.

Handsewn leather pads are applied to the hooks, in order to protect the varnish of the bicycle frame. The traditional stitching is similar to the vintage bicycle handlebars.
This hanging system deliberately consists of two separate hooks, allowing all types of bicycle frames to be put up, for example, you can suspend by the horizontal top tube, for a man’s frame, or you may be suspend by the saddle and the handlebar stem for a women’s/mixte frames with diagonal top tubes.

The assembly is easy and self-explanatory. The knobs are mounted to the wall by a hidden screw. Bushings are not included, since they must be chosen according to your wall.
The supports are indicated for relatively lightweight bikes like road bikes. But can support any type of bike up to 15 kg without any problem.

Complement with the SNÛR – FELT STRAP, to ensure that your handlebars or tire won’t leave marks on the wall.



BLACK VINTAGE SKIN: pair of black hooks with cognac colored leather coverings, handsewn with grey yarn, together with black steelpads and slightly bronze colored knobs.
ALL BLACK SKIN: pair of black hooks with black leather coverings, handsewn with black yarn, together with black steelpads and black knobs.

Dimensions: 31cm long, 5cm wide.
The handlebars should be no more than 55cm in length.

SHIPPING: This is a handmade product that is shipped directly from the manufacturer.
Delivery can take between 4-6 weeks.

Made in Germany

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