Who are we?

Happy Bicycle appeared in August 2013, but began to be structured approximately a year earlier and was consolidated with the growing interest in bicycle culture.

We are both designers and enthusiasts of bicycles and objects, and over time we found a series of products that did not physically exist in Portugal, and were difficult to access. In fact, in order to find them we had to know exactly what their websites or facebook pages were. And as they were “lost” on the internet, most people were unaware of their existence, and had no time to waste on these searches….

The idea for the store stemmed precisely from this concept: “Why not create a website that aggregates all these original and unusual products, so that people know where to find them”.

As for the Mobile Workshop? How does it come about?

Miguel is trained in bicycle mechanics and with that know-how comes the opportunity to provide a workshop service with home delivery. The main goal is to make life easier for those who want to fix their bike, but don’t know where or how to transport it to a physical workshop.

The Workshop Service is only available in Lisbon (where we are located) and features 3 types of Services:

  • Mobile Workshop – where we provide a wide range of services and bike maintenance packages, from the simplest to the most complete, maintenance/repair to ensure the proper functioning of the bicycle. We collect and deliver at the indicated address.
  • Recovery/Restoration – deeper service, to give new life to stopped, damaged or older bikes.
  • Store support – for installation or assembly of items purchased in the online store

To learn more please check this page(only in Portuguese).

Now you just have to ask yourself: “Is my bike happy?” If not, we’re here to help!!

Helga & Miguel