Give a new life to your old bike!

If you have a bike just laying around and in poor condition, and you want to start riding again, or want to restore, to sell it, or you simply want to dispose of it, contact us!!

Send us some pictures, to evaluate the overall condition of the bicycle, tell us the type of use you want to give it and the type of reconstruction/repair you want for it and then we can schedule an appointment to discuss the options and the work to be done.

And all of this without displacements or worries!
We will go to you! [+]
(only available in Lisbon – Portugal)

Meet some of our past work:

Catarina bought a second-hand President’s bicycle with the intention of recovering it to be able to ride and commute by bicycle. At the end of the year she decided to proceed with its restoration, having very well defined which features Continue reading →

Ricardo approached us to restore his great-uncle’s bicycle. The bike was in pretty bad shape, dismantled and rusty. After some research we discovered it was a French bike Favor, a Continue reading →

Natacha contacted us to recover a bicycle to his brother, who has a restaurant in Faro – Algarve, Portugal. The old bike was in very bad shape and without any identification, besides the fork crown with its distinctive “T”, which allowed us to identify as being an English Triumph from the 50’s. Continue reading →

Rui and Diana returned :).
After the bicycle “Le Parisien” restoration (link), they enjoyed the process so much that they came back to restore this lovely Peugeot that belonged to an uncle. And again, the major requirement was to keep the appearance of this classic as original as possible. And the great difficulty was finding Continue reading →

After seeing what we had accomplished in another project (link), Gonçalo approached us with the idea of “urbanizing” his Scott YZ0. The intention was to paint the frame, take out all the stickers, and replace some elements to have a more urban feel. Continue reading →

Rui and Diana approached us with a classic french bike from her family,  to be restored and adapted for daily use.
It was very important for the young couple to keep the look as original as possible, this meaning that the brand stickers  Continue reading →

As in almost all 2-wheels lover’s homes, also in our house we have little space available for so many bicycles. So, when this small demountable (non-folding) Peugeot came along, we figured it was a great opportunity to make it  Continue reading →

Renato met us at the monthly CCB Market, where we participate, and after some ideas exchange he brought us his “Lisan Cycles”, which had been parked for a long time.
We decided to take on this project, and give a new life to his Continue reading →

Nuno contacted us to recover his wife’s childhood bicycle so that she ride it again whenever the good weather allows it.

The bicycle is an IBA lady model from the 80’s, with plenty  Continue reading →