Restoration Process

Find out which steps we follow to make a bicycle restoration!


Research & Proposals
Disassembly & Assembly

the Revelation


As a customer you must have a clear vision of the project; of what you want and what is your budget. These are some of the questions that you should ask yourself:

Why this bicycle?

Make sure the bike you want to restore corresponds to your purpose and, very important, if the frame size fits comfortable and ergonomically to you. Also check if the bike matches your style.

What will be my use?

You will use it in sporadic trips, just for leisure or every day to commute to work? Each use requires specific needs.

What is my budget?

Is one of the most important issues.
Everything will depend on how much you want to spend!

According to the use you want to give to the bike, you may have to make choices between various scales of quality materials.
For a daily commute may be is worth investing a little more in comfort.

What is its condition?

Make sure the bike is in repairable conditions.

As much as you want to recover a bicycle with which you have a sentimental relationship, because for example, it belonged to a beloved family; You must have some objectivity. Sometimes only the frame is capable of being recovered; in other cases not even that is safe.


The bicycle must always be checked by us personally, starting with its general state, to the components details; to evaluate what needs to be replaced and what kind of renovation we advise.

Research & Proposals

Through some photoshop simulations we’ll try to put on some options with aesthetic alternatives and components.

If your intention is to change the frame color, you can tell us which colors suit you best, and we will try to make mock-ups that allow you to have a closer idea of what will be the end result.

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Disassembly & Assembly

Only in the dismantling procedure we’ll really assess the status of all components and accessories, and we’ll consider each component – Either we can restore them, or we will find alternatives.

After all the elements are ready we’ll begin the final re-assembly process.
At this point, and to whet your curiosity, we’ll try to create an “exploded” bicycle picture, so that you’ll have a notion of the main components of your bike. We will also present you a table overview with all the elements and the total cost.

restoration process

the Revelation

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