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Donnez une nouvelle vie à votre vieux vélo! Si vous avez un vélo tout autour de la pose et en mauvais état, et que vous voulez commencer à monter, contactez-nous !! Nous pouvons planifier un rendez pour discuter des options et du travail à faire. Et tout cela sans déplacements et pas de soucis! Nous... Continue reading →
restoration peugeot ruche

Nuno came to us with a Peugeot bicycle in very bad condition, which belonged to his grandfather. The truth is that we tried to refuse the restoration, because we thought it was in very bad condition, but after some insistence we accepted the challenge to resurrect this beauty.

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bicicleta president

Catarina bought a second-hand President’s bicycle with the intention of recovering it to be able to ride and commute by bicycle. At the end of the year she decided to proceed with its restoration, having very well defined which features

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Natacha contacted us to recover a bicycle to his brother, who has a restaurant in Faro – Algarve, Portugal. The old bike was in very bad shape and without any identification, besides the fork crown with its distinctive “T”, which allowed us to identify as being an English Triumph from the 50’s.

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lx20 - peugeot pl40

Rui and Diana returned :). After the bicycle “Le Parisien” restoration (link), they enjoyed the process so much that they came back to restore this lovely Peugeot that belonged to an uncle. And again, the major requirement was to keep the appearance of this classic as original as possible. And the great difficulty was finding

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lx18 - le parisien

Rui and Diana approached us with a classic french bike from her family,  to be restored and adapted for daily use. It was very important for the young couple to keep the look as original as possible, this meaning that the brand stickers 

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lx14 - steel bike yé-yé esmaltina

This 1977 Yé-Yé Esmalina Steel Bike came to us to be completely restored after a few messages exchanged with Mark – a Portuguese-descendant American who discovered the bicycle of his late grandfather, last year, on a trip to his home land (at Batalha – Portugal).

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