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Suction Cup Bike rack. Made of 6 powerful suction cups, the mechanism is totally safe, universal, stable for the bike and very versatile, especially for those who do not want (or can not) have roof bars, or want to use it in more than one vehicle.
Product totally created and developed in Portugal.

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How to use the Car Rack:
This vacuum cups rack was designed to be installed ONLY on metal car roof rails or glass car roofs.

  • Do not mount the bike backwards, sideways, or at an angle.
  • When applying on car roof tops, position the rack near the border of the roof, avoiding the middle that is the weakest point of the entire structure.
  • When using the rack, your vehicle and bicycle (together) must not exceed 4 meters in height, nor lengthen the rear and front dimension of the car;
  • NEVER exceed legal speed limit;
  • Do not use the rack to transport bicycles weighing more than 20 kg;
  • Do not apply any liquid lubricant or anticorrosive solutions;
  • ALWAYS clean the surface where the vacuum cup discs will be applied;
  • Moisten the roof top to improve the suction system;

Axis Measurement to choose from – 9x100mm / 12x100mm / 15x100mm.
You can purchase a 15×100 axis converter for 9×100. Contact us!

If you don’t have a quick-release bicycle:
The rack can be universal, just remove the axel that goes into the socket and put your own axel inside the tube. There is a small adjustment screw and the rack is ready to use.

Before use, please carefully read the instruction book inside the package!

Technical Features

  • General Measures: 300mm x 370mm x 132mm
  • Weight: 6kg
  • Material: Steel, rubber;
  • Where to apply: Metal or Glass car roofs tops;
  • Adaptable bicycle axles: 9x100mm // 12x100mm //15x100mm // 15x110mm;
  • Suction capacity per vacuum cup: 83kg (approximately in vertical force);
  • Maximum load: Bicycles up to 20kg;
  • Transport speed: LIMIT of 120km/h in highways; and 50km/h off highways or any other road;
    *(The speeds are merely recommended, the user must always be provident in the transport of his bicycle and adapt a defensive and smooth driving to reinforce both his safety and the safety of the other road users).
  • Attachment Type: Temporary;
    (the user must understand that this product is not permanently fixed, but temporary and due to ease of assembly and disassembly, you should NEVER leave the vehicle while the rack is mounted with the bicycle to prevent theft / robbery);

Order dispatch: The average dispatch time is 7 to 10 business days to leave Portugal, and then it depends on destination and carrier company. However, there may be a stock-outs, and dispatch may take 20 to 30 days. For any additional information always contact us before finalizing the purchase.

VIDEO – How to install easily in a few minutes:

Informations complémentaires

Poids4990 g
Dimensions370 × 420 × 140 cm

12x100mm, 15x100mm, 9x100mm, universal

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