Bike Parka Cargo




Bike Parka Cargo

Keep your Cargo bike snug, clean and dry even in the harshest of weather!

With extra side toggle adjustment to create a secure fit and double the lock-through panels on either side for maximum security.
This cover is designed to be light and breathable, yet engineered for tough protection against rain, snow and ice.

Fits most 2 and 3 wheel cargo bikes including The Urban Arrow and Bullitt.
Attachable Stuff Sac for handy storage when not in use on the bike.


  • Adjustable to fit most Cargo bikes / trikes.
    Including URBAN ARROW, BULLITT, Reise & Muller LOAD 60,75, PACKSTER. And many more…
  • Waterproof Ripstop
  • Seam sealed
  • Toggle ajustable fit
  • 2 x lock-through slots (both sides)
  • Elasticated wheel fit
  • Stuff Sac
  • Length: 276cm (stretch)
  • Height: 130cm
  • Handlebar width up to 120cm

Available colors:  BLACK . Other colors available on request, send us an email.

Fitting your BikeParka
Each BikeParka adjusts to sit slightly differently on each bike to allow for different sized frames, handle bars and seat heights. To fit BikeParka to your bicycle, simply put the cover under the front wheel and pull it back over your bike. You can then adjust the toggle on top to take up extra slack left or right.

The Stuff Sac
Grab a corner of the BikeParka and literally start stuffing it into the bag. If you try to fold it first, it will end up with air pockets. No need to try and be tidy!

Care over time
Our fabric has been engineered with the highest possible UV protection, but for maximum performance and long-standing wear try and avoid extended exposure to direct sunlight, especially in summer. We would recommend regular rotation of your BikeParka to maximise its longevity.

BikeParka Care Instructions
To clean your BikeParka treat it the same as a good quality tent – sponge clean with warm water and a natural soap/ mild detergent. And don’t machine wash or tumble dry.

All BikeParkas are made from tough RipStop fabric so shouldn’t rip. Accidents can happen however, so if needed your BikeParka can easily be fixed with a tent repair kit.

Bike Parka Cargo

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