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LX23 – President

bicicleta president

Catarina bought a second-hand President’s bicycle with the intention of recovering it to be able to ride and commute by bicycle. At the end of the year she decided to proceed with its restoration, having very well defined which features to change and which to keep.

The first and most significant was to change the powder coating paint to a classic dark green. The Brooks B67 saddle, which Catherine brought us, eventually matched perfectly with the style she wanted.
On the other hand the bike was not very comfortable because it had a very small chain ring, which made riding difficult, and the brakes did not work effectively. They were both changed.

The steering system was cleaned and maintained, with the originals headset, stem, handlebar, brake levers and shift levers.
The grips were replaced by leather ones continuing the classic style, and would have to have a similar color to the saddle.

And all the other accessories and components would be in chrome finish or similar, so that they were in consonance and with a light appearance – headlight, pedals, rear rack, mudguards, air pump.

Having always been involved in the whole process of restoration and choice of components, Catarina asked us to include two pieces of the prestigious American brand Velo Orange: the polished alloy chainguard, and the unusual Copenhagen dual kickstand, which has the interesting feature of folding both legs to the non-drive side of the bike.

This is the summary of some of the new components::

  • Brooks B67 Saddle in dark brown (link)
  • Leather Handlebar Grips in dark brown (link)
  • Dual Pivot Brakes
  • Retro LED Headlight (link)
  • Air pump
  • Complete wheels 650A
  • Retro Pedals VP 365 (link)
  • Rear Rack
  • Stainless steel Mudguards
  • Chainguard from Velo Orange
  • Copenhagen Dual Leg kickstand from Velo Orange

Learn more about our Restoration Process.


Some items from our store used in this restoration

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