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LX06 – J.C.

This classic bike had been Paul’s Grandfather. His wish was to see it restored the dignity it deserved.

The starting point was the decision for the bordeaux (original) color for the lacquering and the inclusion of the plaque with the name of the first owner. After that, we chose the various components, nearly all new.
In addition to the original frame only the pedals, pedalboard and chain were recovered, because all the other components were too degraded.

Resulted in a beautiful and elegant single-speed. The cream tires and chrome components gave it a “light” look, the over-high handlebar and the seat of generous proportions, gave it greater comfort.


«Years leaning against a wall, and left to the rain and the sun of Alentejo, my grandfather’s bicycle was finally rescued.
The idea was to make a tribute to my grandfather and restore his companion of many trips, I wanted a bike that respected its age (about 60 years) and had a modern but retro look. Fomr that came the idea of making this restoration/modification.
I handed it to Miguel with some guidelines and this is what he presented me… WOWWW !!!!!

Many thanks Happy Bicycle, now I have my grandfather’s bicycle ready to be used by the 4th generation: my grandfather, my father, me and now my daughter, who loved it and is already riding it»

– Paulo C. –



Some store products used in this restoration

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