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how to use spray bike

Spray Bike is a groundbreaking range of bicycle-specific colour coating designed for both amateur and professional use. Spray.Bike paint is a dry matte powder-coating that doesn’t drip, dribble or misbehave in any way.
It’s revolutionary in its ease of application and quality of finish, making it perfect for customising, repairing and restoring.

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lx17 - peugeot da 22

As in almost all 2-wheels lover’s homes, also in our house we have little space available for so many bicycles. So, when this small demountable (non-folding) Peugeot came along, we figured it was a great opportunity to make it 

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lx16 - lisan cycles

Renato met us at the monthly CCB Market, where we participate, and after some ideas exchange he brought us his “Lisan Cycles”, which had been parked for a long time. We decided to take on this project, and give a new life to his

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lx15 - blue iba

Nuno contacted us to recover his wife’s childhood bicycle so that she ride it again whenever the good weather allows it. The bicycle is an IBA lady model from the 80’s, with plenty 

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lx10 - pax bakery

We were approached by a national Bakery to give a new life to a bicycle in order to be exhibited in their museum, recreating the door to door distribution of bread in the old days. A key aspect was that it should included the traditional side rear wicker baskets.

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