Vintage Springs Saddle



Vintage style saddle, comfortable and resistant. Ideal for restoring old classic bikes.



Saddle with springs handcrafted  in Italy.
It is a great option for anyone who is restoring a classic or foldable bike. It is a saddle at an affordable price, but that does not compromise on quality and finishes. Its braided finish matches perfectly and adds a touch of distinction to your bike.


This saddle is covered by a layer of high strength synthetic leather and supported by a layer of foam that provides great comfort riding the bike from day one.

Metal structure with a nut included, suitable to classic seatposts.

Material: synthetic leather
Color: light brown, Black
Width: 210mm
Length: 250mm
Saddle Weight: 1100 g

Other colors on request: two colored

Additional information

Weight1500 g


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