Reflective Stickers – KIDS


Reflective stickers to cheer up children, with different shapes and colors to be applied individually or together.
They make all surfaces more fun by day, and much safer by night. High reflective properties.


Reflective Stickers – KIDS

Available Versions:

  • Pirates : The cannons are loaded with Captain Parrot and the pirates ready to board. What a pirate’s heart desires: sabers, cannons, skulls and the secret of Treasure Island.. 14 highly reflective stickers in a set
  • Jungle: Did you know that butterflies like the blue one get their special color from light reflections? By the way, chameleons react primarily to temperature differences with their color change. And would you have thought that the funniest courtship dance in the world would be performed by a spider? The rainforest is home to fascinating creatures: peacock spider, hummingbird, tiger, canary, lemur, rattlesnake, poison dart frog … 10 highly reflective stickers in a set.
  • Aqua: Did you know that octopuses have a brain that extends all over their body? And that one half of the brain is always switched off in dolphins so that they can do without sleep? More magical sea creatures can be found in this thematic sticker kit consisting of 12 reflective stickers: great white shark, humpback whale, jellyfish, starfish, annemones, clown fish, swordfish …
  • Space: Off to space, on to new adventures! 13 reflective stickers for exploring our universe.
  • Sweets: Which of these 12 goodies do you remember from your childhood? Gummy bears in the outdoor pool? Candy canes at Christmas time? Squeaky colorful sticker kit that whets your appetite.

Check the DIY example in this tutorial: link youtube

Stickers sheet with the following dimension: 105 x 115 mm

💪 Quality guarantee: It’s use industrial material made in Germany from the traffic safety “world”, which is characterized by its weather resistance and high resistance. The high reflective properties are retained for at least 7 years, and our colors are also UV-resistant. This way, we ensure that you enjoy our products as long as possible.

🌱 Sustainability: The stickers are processed in Berlin and in regional partner institutions, including workshops for people with disabilities. We attach great importance to short and effective delivery routes and sustainable, socially inclusive production

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Made in Germany

NOTE: we have in stock a sample with some colors and shapes, but if you are interested in another color write us an email, we can include what you need in a future supplier orders.

Additional information

Weight 100 g

Aqua, Jungle, Pirates, Space, Sweets

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