Reflective Stickers – SPOKES

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Reflective stickers with different colors to apply to the spokes of the bicycle. Makes wheels more interesting by day, and much safer by night.
High reflective properties.

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Reflective Stickers – for bicycle SPOKES

Available Versions:

  • Fire (orange) : 30 reflective strips of various lengths that are wrapped in length around the spoke. Interesting effects can be created by individual placement on the spokes.Note: The spokes must be carefully cleaned beforehand for a good result. Even with new bicycles / spokes, a grease dissolving agent must be used and rub carefully so that the adhesives are well adhered. The application can be a little complicated, we know this from experience. But with a little patience and care you will surely be rewarded.
    Weather resistant, with no loss of reflective properties, easy cleaning when dirt accumulates, without slipping.
    It is a brand’s bestseller. Click here to see the tutorial – link

Important: The stickers are not approved according to the legislation!


💪 Quality guarantee: It’s use industrial material made in Germany from the traffic safety “world”, which is characterized by its weather resistance and high resistance. The high reflective properties are retained for at least 7 years, and our colors are also UV-resistant. This way, we ensure that you enjoy our products as long as possible.

🌱 Sustainability: The stickers are processed in Berlin and in regional partner institutions, including workshops for people with disabilities. We attach great importance to short and effective delivery routes and sustainable, socially inclusive production

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Made in Germany

NOTE: we have in stock a sample with some colors and shapes, but if you are interested in another color write us an email, we can include what you need in a future supplier orders.

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