Handlebar Rearview Mirror


Handlebar Rearview mirror for bicycles. With a clamp fixing piece at the end of the handlebars.
Very practical, adjustable and increases the feeling of security

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Bicycle Handlebar Rearview Mirror

Mirror for city or mountain bikes, with straight handlebars.

To be placed on both sides of the handlebar, the mirror shape is specifically adapted for each side.
Very easy and simple installation, you just need a screwdriver.
Simply remove the top covers from each end of the handlebar and insert the new rear view mirrors.

Once installed and tight, just adjust to the desired position.

The fastening parts are very well studied and designed, leaving the width of the handlebar practically unchanged, thus preventing the total width of your handlebar from increasing, which could hinder in traffic or when storing.

handlebar rearview mirror


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Weight 300 g
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