Wooden bicycle Fenders



Wooden Fenders for all types of bicycles.
In several different woods, finishes and styles.

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Available in four types of wood: mahogany, ebony, zebrano or beech.

There 3 widths and 3 possible wheel diameters options.

Width (should be as wide, or slightly wider than your tires):

  • 35 mm
  • 45 mm
  • 55 mm

Wheel Diameter :

  • 20″
  • 26 “/ 650 or
  • 28 “/ 700

Regarding the lengths, by default we produce the medium size, if you are interested in the short or the long size, please send us an email.


  • Short model (front- 710 mm and rear-710 mm : needs one mudguard stay in the front)
  • Medium model (front- 710 mm and rear – 1080 mm : needs one mudguard stay in the front and another in the rear)
  • Long model (front- 745 mm and rear – 1080 mm : with double rods in the front and rear) – extra €5,0

Fender dimensions

Note:  The frame and the fork of the bike should have eyebolts for hardware assembly (in the case of double rod, you need two eyebolts in the fork and in the frame). If the bike has no eyebolts, there are parts for possible adaptation.

Attention: Make sure you have enough space between the frame and the tire, remember that the fenders are between 5 and 6 mm thick. And always measure the available space you have inside the brake, so that they work without hitting the fender. When in doubt, beforehand write us an email with your measurements and photos to confirm if it is possible to mount the mudguard.

The order include the pair of fenders (Front and Rear) , and all standard necessary mounting hardware.

Order: This is a handmade product, made to order. Please check availability or write us your questions to this email: store@happybicycle.pt
If you want please confirm the shipping costs with us, it can have variations depending on the destination country.

The dispatch may take between 1-2 weeks.
(During the summer vacation period dispatch can take up to 1 month)

Manufactured in Lisbon, Portugal.


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Additional information

Weight2050 g
Dimensions74 × 37 × 6 cm

Short model, Medium model, Long model


35, 45, 55


20", 26”/650, 28”/700


mahogany, ebony, zebrano, beech