EVA Wicker Basket



Handcrafted wicker basket, to attach to the bicycle handlebar through buckle straps.

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Basket made from brown wicker, from sustainable plantations in Indonesia and with a natural healing process, without the use of chemicals. To attach to the handlebar through practical removable synthetic leather straps with buckles.
It is not recommended to put too much weight in the basket, because it may sway a lot and jeopardize the balance of the bicycle.

Dimensions: 34 x 29 x 24  cm (LxPxA)

If you have a headlight attached to the front of the handlebar or in the front of the bicycle, note that it may interfere with where you want to place the basket. It may be necessary to change the headlight position.

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Weight2100 g
Dimensions38 × 31 × 27 cm
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