Vintage Gloves GINO

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Vintage styled suede gloves that blend the retro comfortable style with modern functionality, fit and material, suitable for today’s cycling needs.



Mixing cycle-classical aesthetics, of a bygone era, with the modern functionality required by today’s rider allows us to offer this new “classic”

technical features:

  1. Vintage styled “Suede” gloves
  2. Non slip silicone repeat print on palm for added grip and protection
  3. Retro style snap closure
  4. Elongated “tab” on wrist for easier fitting of the gloves
  5. Super soft and pliable suede

Size: fits almost all cyclists

  • Large size: Fits hand approx 9.5 cm in width (measured across knuckles)
  • Medium size: Fits hand approx 8.5 cm in width (measured across knuckles)
  • Small size: Fits hand approx 7.5 cm in width (measured across knuckles)

Additional information

Weight90 g

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