GelrillaGrip Gel Holder



Gel holder that provides an easier way to carry and consume the gel sachets during your rides.


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Tired of gluing the gels on the bicycle frame with tape? Or wasting time looking for them in the back pockets of your shirt?

This gel holder was designed for use in competition or long rides, is lightweight and aerodynamic, and is tied in to the bicycle frame in a practical and safe way through zip-ties.
The individual colored clips, hold up to four gels.
Simple to use, it allows easy access to energy sachets without changing position, improving the efficiency and performance of athletes. Once they are positioned properly, the sachets are stretched and opened in a single movement.

Dimensions: 8.7 cm x 5.5 cm x 2cm
Colors: Black, Blue, Gray
Weight: 40 gr

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Weight150 g

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