Bicycle Bottle Belts

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These belts secure just about anything cylindrical- or bottle-shaped to your bike’s top tube – a wine bottle, a bundle of kindling, a rolled up beach towel, and more.


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Functional and durable, these belts are designed to folds over the top tube and through itself with origami-like grace and ensures a tight fit supported by the weight of the bottle.

The straps ensure a tight fit to tubes from 2.5 to 2.9 cm. And the adjustable buckles with multiple holes allows to hold securely in place bottles with size between 23 and 28cm. 

When unfolded, these straps can be used separately or together to fasten objects to your racks. 


This product is sold as one pair of two belts – please note that it takes both belts to secure the bottle to your bike.
Not recommended for us on women’s/mixte frames with diagonal top tubes. It works best on a top tube that is parallel to the ground.

Colors: Dark Brown, Black
Materials: Bridle leather, nickel-plated steel hardware 
Dimensions: 8.6cm wide by 45.7cm long 

(bottles not included) 

Made in Portland, USA

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Weight120 g


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