SprayBike – Transparent Finish (400ml)


SprayBike colours are matte. This acrylic Transparent Finish adds a satin or gloss topcoat


SprayBike – Transparent Finish varnish for bicycles

Very useful for final finishing in different do-it-yourself jobs or in small pieces. It gives treated surfaces a satin to glossy appearance, leaving a protective coat.

How to use:

  • Make sure the paint is completely clean and dry before applying the finish.
  • Wear protective gloves, suitable clothing and eye and face protection.
  • Always paint in an open space outdoors.
  • Optimal temperature for spraying: 20-25°C. Do not use Spray.Bike if the temperature is below 10°C or above 35°C, or if relative humidity is above 75%.
  • Shake the can for at least 3 minutes before use.
  • Test spray for 2-3 seconds prior to application.
  • Hold the can at least 20 cm away from the surface and waft gently, keeping your hand/arm moving at all times.
  • Recommended minimum coat: one
  • One coat: satin finish / two or more coats: gloss finish
  • Drying time between coats: 2 hours / full cure: at least 24 hours
  • At end, turn can upside down and spray for 2 seconds before storing.
  • Protect can from sunlight and temperatures exceeding 50°C/122°F.


  • Product colour: clear
  • Spray distance: at least 20 cm
  • Ιdeal for steel, aluminium and even carbon parts
  • Dimension: 400ml
  • Requires no post-application heat treatment

Manufacturer’s instructions : See all detailed instructions at this link

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Additional information

Weight 495 g

matte, satin-gloss

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