ASS SAVER Mudguard v3



Lightweight, practical and removable rear mudguard. Now available with a new attachment system and two sizes.



Tired of sitting in the office with wet butt all day just because it rained on your way in the morning? You do not want to buy a rain suit or overload your bike with fixed fenders? Relax. We have the solution!
The Ass Saver Original (ASO-3) is the third generation of foldable mudguards. Tested and proven in the field, is a simple solution to an annoying problem.
The much improved ASO-3 is compatible with almost every standard rail saddle thanks to the new attachment system, without any tools or accessories. The ASO-3 is a breeze to mount and once in place, it stays in place. When not in use, it can be folded up and stored underneath your seat, ready to be deployed the next time you are caught out in a shower.The new design have also resulted in a more durable product that is less sensitive to wear and tear.

For those who ride more on the road and with more speed it was developed the Ass Saver Extended (ASE-1) adding 30 mm (1.2 in) of length over the Ass Saver Original in order to reduce more road spray, especially at high speeds. The new Ass Saver Extended uses the same attachment system. That means it snaps into place on the saddle’s front rails in seconds and requires no tools. It also fits almost all saddles with standard rails, including carbon rails.
Note: The big difference between the two models – The Ass Saver Extended does not fold to store under the saddle.

Note that although very useful and highly appreciated, SamrtAss is an emergency mudguard, aiming to protect the butt area, and it does not have the same efficiency as a full-fender.

Material: 100% recyclable polypropylene
Weight (without packaging): 15 grams
Dimensions: 340 x 100 mm Available
colors: Black
Made in Sweden

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Weight 45 g
Dimensions N/A

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