Bicycle Magnetic Skirt Clip


Simple-to-use, designer, magnetic clip which allows you to ride your bike carefree while wearing a skirt.
It’s a helpful accessory for your adventures in the city and it makes the perfect gift for your cycling lady friends.

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Through a flexible soft hull which encases a clothespin and two strong magnets, the skirt is secured to the bottom of the saddle.
Saddles necessarily need to have two metallic rails at the bottom (95% of the saddles do) where the magnets will cling.

This magnetic solution allows the Poupoupidou to detach automatically when the situation arises, guaranteeing the safety of the cyclist and their clothing.

How to use:

  • Mount your bike and put the Skirt-Clip in your hand, with the wood clothespin facing up
  • Attach the skirt to clothespin
  • Swing all to fit it under the saddle, and make sure it is magnetized with the rails
    Note that the clothespin should now be facing the ground, if it is turned upside down the magnets may come out through the small holes

Not recommended for very short skirts, with stiff fabrics or too long or heavy dresses.

Made in France.


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