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Kids helmets have never been so fun and customizable!
In three simple steps, you will have a helmet that is fun, personal, and does not compromise safety.



These are universal helmets and can be used for a variety of activities including skiing, snowboarding, skating, cycling, skateboarding, wakeboarding … in short, all kinds of sport in need of protection.

In accordance with the latest European safety standards (for various modalities), the helmets are built with a layering system that consists of an outer layer, a security core and an inner core for comfort, each of which waterproof and washable. The interior also has an inflatable liner with an integrated pump (which can be operated from one side), which allows a more comfortable fit.
The chin belt system, which can be fixed on each side (and therefore suitable for right-handed or left-handed children), is also constructed with simplicity in mind and can be operated with one hand (even with gloves).

The most exciting part is the customization. With a range of colorful covers and add-ons such as a mohawk or princess crown, these gives children the opportunity to built the right look to their personality.

The accessories-purchase separately.

Weight (approx.) With packaging: 1,200Kg

Average dimensions of the helmet: from 52-56 centimeters.
see how to measure and place correctly:

egg-how-to-measure-your-head egg-how-to-wear




Additional information

Weight 1200 g
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