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LX10 – PAX Bakery

lx10 - pax bakery

We were approached by a national Bakery to give a new life to a bicycle in order to be exhibited in their museum, recreating the door to door distribution of bread in the old days. A key aspect was that it should included the traditional side rear wicker baskets.

This was a very interesting project and unlike any other carried out so far … Here the aim was not to transform the bike and make it look all new and pretty, but rather make it show the passage of time, giving it personality and keeping all the scars of a working bicycle. Therefore, all of the components in a worse state were replaced by others marked by history as well.

The biggest difficulty was in finding a rear Baker basket. As this is a bread delivery method practically extinct, the few specimens that remain belong to bakerwomen that have kept them and sometimes lend them for events … but there are no new (or used) for sale.
So the alternative was necessarily to find a wiker basket maker, with art and ability to recreate a custom one for us. And it could not have gone better!

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