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In order to renew his road bike from the 80s, Mario asked us proposals for a more urban use and a more retro look.
Some wider and more comfortable tires were placed. A massive frame cleaning was done and all the stickers that were damaged and yellowed were removed . All the other components were also cleaned, and although they were old most of them were kept as they are of excellent quality.
The only items that were actually replaced was the saddle for a more comfortable, classic  and unique B17 from Brooks, as well as the handlebar tapes and belts pedals also from Brooks.

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«For a long time I wanted to bring new life to my 25 years old road bike.
She has been patiently waiting for someone to resurrect her soul. That’s exactly what Miguel did, with a great home delivery service, and an easy  understanding of the concept and objectives.
The result was great and the cost within the expected.
One very Happy outcome 

– Mário M. –



Some items from our store used in this restoration

Brooks B17 Standard Saddle | Brooks Leather Bar Tape | Brooks Leather Toe Straps

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