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How to install Cork Grips on your bike in 5 easy steps

how to install cork grips

These Bike Cork Grips will make any bike look better. They’re light, cushy, grippy and super stylish :).  Follow these “How to install Cork Grips on your bicycle” easy steps making sure they won’t come off!

Table of Contents

 🢂  A. Mounting Instructions
 🢂  B. Tips
 🢂  C. Cleaning Instructions
 🢂  D. Sealing Instructions
 🢂  E. Shorter bike grips

How to install Cork Grips Bike Mounting Instructions

1. Take off the old grips (if you have them)

2. Clean the handlebars very well (it can be with alcohol) and let it dry.

3. Assemble the Cork Grips so that they are secure to the handlebars.
Due to the type of material, you will have to be careful when assembling the grips so that they do not tear, never force the assembly with harsh hammering. Push the grips on gently and slowly – with twist movements

4. If the cork grips come loose on the handlebars it can be dangerous, They imperatively need to be secured firmly to the handlebar. This is an absolutely necessary advice. We don’t want you to accidentally take them off during a ride and then get injured.
There are several options for a stronger mounting:

– wrap a thin layer of cloth handlebar tape (or a thin electrician’s tape) on the central area where the grip will sit, before assembling the grips

– use quick-adhesive glue spray on the handlebars, for example: 3M™ Super 77 spray glue, wait for a few seconds  and assemble the grips immediately after it gets tacky
(if you want a less strong but also less expensive alternative is a strong hair spray)

– use multipurpose liquid glue, suitable for wood or metal, for example “Gorilla Glue” and apply a few lines of glue on the handlebars and then slide the grip on to the bar slowly  with twist movements. (don’t overdue it with the glue. some glues expands and may leak out). Clean the excess with a cloth or a plastic wrapped around your finger.

5.  Allow it to completely dry. if possible for 24 hours

6. Once fully dry, thoroughly test the grips before heading out for a ride – ensure the grip does not slip or twist.


  • The tops are vulnerable if you drop the bike. To minimize the impact you can fit a coin – €0,20 fits perfectly – inside the grips, which will preserve the solid inner end top from friction with the metal border top of the handlebars and so better protect against tears from falls.
how to install cork grips on your bike in 5 easy steps

How to clean Cork Grips?

how to install cork grips on your bike in 5 easy steps

It is normal for cork bike grips to become duller and darker with use due to hand sweat. Those who have a lot of experience with this problem are the fishermen, who often use fishing rods with cork handles.

But we have good news, in just a few minutes you can restore your worn out cork grips.

All you need is a small bowl of water, a rag and the main thing – a “Magic Eraser“.
Magic erasers are easily found in any supermarket in the cleaning section. There are many brands, the most internationally known is – Mr. Clean Magic Eraser – but they are not easy to find, so look for similar, cheaper and equaly good brands.

Then follow these steps:

1. Cut the magic eraser into smaller pieces, it will get worn out after use, so it’s better to use smaller chunks

2. The sponge has to be wet/damp to work, so just dip it in water and remove the excess.

3. Then just rub the grip well. And watch the dirt disappear and being pulled to the magic eraser.

4. The Eraser is a bit abrasive and works like a light sand paper or a rubber that crumbles a bit when rubbing – the better the quality of the Eraser, the less it crumbles, but it always leaves a few pieces clinging to the grip

5. In the end, the handle is wet but clean of surface dirt.
Dry it off with the rag, to remove excess water and small pieces of the magic eraser and let it dry completely.

6. … and that’s it! practically like new :)
Repeat whenever you feel the grips are getting too dark. And if you wish, you can still apply a sealant or varnish as explained bellow.

Sealing Instructions

Although the grips are more comfortable and grippier in raw… some people prefer to shellac or varnish them, to protect them, keep them cleaner and prolong their life.

Follow these steps:

1. get a small can of clear or amber shellac from the local paint store.
or varnish suitable for cork – such as this “U-40 Cork Seal

2. brush on a thin coat of shellac

3. allow to dry for about an hour

4. re-brush as many coats of shellac as you like (more then 4 coats will add gloss that will also make the grips a little slippery). If it’s varnish, two will be enough.

5. apply only to the outside of the grips

6. when the last coat dries, follow the “How to install Cork Grips” steps (above in this page)

cork grips shellac

We personally prefer the natural cork look and feel, so we never tried shellac, so you’ll have to trust others on that.
Check this youtube video for some visual instructions –

Or check this other video on how to Seal/Maintain your grips with cork varnish –

Shorter Bike Grips

If you need shorter bike grips, you can cut them to the exact size you want.

See the instructions and example in the images below, then following the standard assembly steps (indicated above on this page in “How to install Cork Grips“)

Check the assembly video in one of the simplest options.

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