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LX18 – Le Parisien

lx18 - le parisien

Rui and Diana approached us with a classic french bike from her family,  to be restored and adapted for daily use.
It was very important for the young couple to keep the look as original as possible, this meaning that the brand stickers would have to stay.

Therefore, we tried to keep the paint and decals, but when we started disassembling we noticed that the painting was really bad shape and had to be treated and powder-coat painted, because the brownish original color hid a lot rifts and corrosion. Then the challenge was to find identical stickers. But being a little-known brand there are no ready-made decals on the market. So our next task was to design and reproduce the originals the best we could.
And the result did not disappoint, they turned out pretty good!

To keep the bike as faithful as possible, most of the components are the original ones, which have undergone an intense work of cleaning and recovery due to their rusty condition.
Other parts have been replaced and added, such as the stainless mudguards, the comfortable Tabor leather saddle, the lighting, the wheels and the bicolour tires.

Summary of some of the new components:

  • Classic spring saddle in Black – Tabor
  • Slim Condor Stainless Steel Fender – 36mm
  • Bicolour Tires 700×25
  • LED Headlight (link)
  • Classic Rubber Grips

Learn more about our Restoration Process.


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