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5 Bicycle Storage Solutions

bicycle storage solutions

Each space is different, there is no single right way to Bicycle Storage . Which is why, when it comes to organizing your bicycles and gear, it’s necessary to do it in the most efficient and effective way possible. An organized space can not only make it easier to find things, but it can also reduce the chance of accidental damage to cars, people and bicycles (especially if you have small children).

Let’s be honest, bikes are difficult to store, they need a lot of space, they have an awkward shape, don’t fit into each other, they topple easily, etc … And as someone said, a new bike is never too much :) so easily we manage to have 3 or 4 per house.

But there is a solution!
There are several ways to organize bicycles according to our purpose and available space:

:: Vertically Hung Bicycle Storage ::  multiple bikes and little space

Hanging bikes vertically is a great solution, widely used by professionals and in garages. They are easy to apply and save floor space.
There are quite a few options available, and some are low-cost and really very simple as these rim hooks.

5 bicycle storage solutions

But this kind of solution has not only advantages.
Disadvantages: They hold the bike by the wheel rim and can damage it and the spokes. Commonly, they have a plastic-dipped coating, but over time they splinter leaving a metal surface to scour your rims.
Not always they match the rim measure you want.
The bottom wheel often has no protection, leaving your wall dirty.
They can sway and are not always in the position that you want.

But there are far more complete and functional solutions. The Steady rack is one of the easiest, most effective to use in spaces such as garages, storage rooms or when you have wall space but little depth available!

5 bicycle storage solutions

This option allows you to hung vertically several bikes, and also lets you safely swing the bike to fold at an angle to the wall, saving depth space, “so you can stack your bikes like pages in a book”. This rack fits almost all types of bikes, securely stores bikes without damaging them, is lightweight, sturdy enough and easy to install, and above all effortless, since it doesn’t require users to lift their bikes..
If you are interested visit this link

:: Horizontally Hung Bicycle Storage ::  wall space and few bikes

If your idea is to give prominence to your bike and give personality to the room, PAU support is perhaps the most beautiful and minimal option.

5 bicycle storage solutions

Handcrafted in Portugal and in noble and natural materials such as wood and cork, this is the rack that will make all the difference in your space. Being a handmade item, it turns out to be more expensive than other options, but also much more distinctive and ecological. A disadvantage is that it is only suitable for bikes with an horizontal top tube, it is not recommended for women’s/mixte frames with diagonal tubes.
See more information here – link.

Another option in the same genre, in which the bicycle becomes a decor object is Kappô.

5 bicycle storage solutions

It has the advantage of also being a furniture, allowing to store in the same place of all the gear that cohabit with the bicycle, like the helmet, the gloves, the lights, etc …

As for the disadvantages, they are very similar with PAU, it is a more expensive article, it can only be used with horizontal top tube bikes and you have to pay attention to the width of the handlebar, so as not to hit the wall.
See more information here – link

If the option is for versatility, one of the smallest, most versatile and functional racks we know is COOL.

5 bicycle storage solutions

Its small size makes it practically invisible in use, but its great advantage over any other rack is the versatility of the bicycle hanging. The holder rotates 360 degrees to secure the bike at the perfect angle: by the seat post, the top tube, the seat stay … horizontally, vertically…
You decide!

Check more info here – link

Of course there are a lot more options for bicycle storage in the market and a few more in this link – BICYCLE STORAGE section – but these are the ones that were considered by our team best suited to the various types of need, without compromising either functionality or aesthetics.

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