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LX22 – Favor Clermont-Ferrand

favor clermont-ferrand

Ricardo approached us to restore his great-uncle’s bicycle. The bike was in pretty bad shape, dismantled and rusty. After some research we discovered it was a French bike Favor, a brand from Clermont-Ferrand that built motorbikes and bicycles in the first half of the XX century.

The idea was to keep it as close as possible to the original, so the color coat choosen was a similar red, and all the pieces that could be recovered were kept.
The Tabor addle was recovered, with a new leather padding.The headbadge, the handlebar plate as well as the Favor chainring, were essential elements for the bike’s history and so, they were also cleaned and kept in the bicycle.

Summary of some of the new components:

  • Handlebar with rod lever
  • Rod Brakes
  • Complete wheels 26×1.3/8″
  • bicolour tires
  • Leather handlebar grips
  • Classic Pedals
  • Central Rear Kickstand


Learn more about our Bicycle Restoration Process.


Item from our store used in this restoration

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