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LX21 – Triumph

Natacha contacted us to recover a bicycle to his brother, who has a restaurant in Faro – Algarve, Portugal. The old bike was in very bad shape and without any identification, besides the fork crown with its distinctive “T”, which allowed us to identify as being an English Triumph from the 50’s.
Many components were no longer the original ones: the saddle, the pedals, the wheel rims were old portuguese components.

lx21 - triumph

We were asked to have the bicycle restored and functional, but keeping as many original elements as possible, even if they were rusty. Therefore, we cleaned and recovered the handlebar, the brake elements, the rear rack, the lights (even if only for aesthetic purpose) and the saddle.
The frame was color coated in black and the tires were placed in cream color according to the most usual chromatic combination of the classic Triumph bikes.

The head tube plate, rear logo and the name decals were reapplied.

The only “extravagance” (if one can call it that :) ) were the grips, which were originally the common black rubber ones, and were replaced by natural cork grips, to give it a personalized and different touch.lx21 - triumph

The project ended up very well and balanced, and we were able to also recover the Cibor saddle, keeping the original leather and only replacing the lower metallic structure with a new one from Tabor.

Summary of some of the new components:

  • Complete wheels 26 x 1.3/8″
  • Tires 26 x 1.3/8″ in cream color
  • Bottom structure from a Tabor 240 saddle
  • Natural Cork Grips
  • Union R Classic Pedals


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Items from our store used in this restoration

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