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LX20 – Peugeot PL40

lx20 - peugeot pl40

Rui and Diana returned :).
After the bicycle “Le Parisien” restoration (link), they enjoyed the process so much that they came back to restore this lovely Peugeot that belonged to an uncle. And again, the major requirement was to keep the appearance of this classic as original as possible. And the great difficulty was finding  out exactly what Peugeot model it was.
After much research (since Peugeot has lots of models that repeat themselves for years with very slight changes …) we found that it would be the 1968’s PL40 model.

The rear reflector/light was one of the elements that helped id the bike, it is a SOUBITEZ CATALUX 6, which was used in a very specific period and this helped to limit the time span. Another very particular feature is the sticker decal of the saddle tube. It is not very common to see that sticker with only 2 black stripes on top and bottom, in fact it is so unusual that although there is some offer in decals sets for Peugeot, this model did not exist.

lx20 - peugeot pl40

And this was one of our “surprises” for this project, we got an English Decal Manufacturer to produce that specific set we needed. And they came out perfect!
lx20 - peugeot pl40

To keep the bike as faithful as possible to the original, and since some Peugeot parts are so specific (it is not possible to replace them with new ones without detracting the model), almost all components have been recovered and cleaned; some are even second hand original Peugeot components that we found, such as the mudguard, the chain guard or the Lyotard wheels, among others.

Other parts had to be replaced by new ones, such as:

  • Saddle TOURING in Cognac color – Tabor
  • Bicolor tires – Michelin
  • Classic rubber grips in white color

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