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LX17 – Peugeot DA 22

lx17 - peugeot da 22

As in almost all 2-wheels lover’s homes, also in our house we have little space available for so many bicycles. So, when this small demountable (non-folding) Peugeot came along, we figured it was a great opportunity to make it  one of our resident bikes.

This bike from the early 70’s is very interesting and was not made in large quantities. The fact is that it is not a foldable bicycle, but rather a detachable one, that is, it separates into 2 halves in the middle of the frame. One reason for this is that the back part could be attached to a training accessory converting the bicycle into a cyclo-static bike.

lx17 - peugeot da 22
lx17 - peugeot da 22

The bicycle was in a relatively good condition. The frame was powder-coat painted, and we did not opted for the original white color, but for an orange tone also characteristic of Peugeot, and the other accessories in a contrasting black color. Many of the components have just been cleaned and recovered, such as the handlebar, stem, saddle tube, crank, mudguard…

Summary of some new components:

  • Classic Springs Saddle Victoria in black (link)
  • Leather Handlebar Grips in black (link)
  • Union Sport Pedals in black (link)
  • Brake levers  – VeloOrange City (link)
  • Dual Pivot Brakes
  • Complete Wheels and Tires 500×28


Learn more about our Restoration Process.

Some items from our store used in this restoration

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