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LX16 – Lisan Cycles

lx16 - lisan cycles

Renato met us at the monthly CCB Market, where we participate, and after some ideas exchange he brought us his “Lisan Cycles”, which had been parked for a long time.
We decided to take on this project, and give a new life to his father-in-law’s bicycle. The intention was to make a recovery that remaine faithful to the original, but with some aesthetic freedoms, such as leaving the mudguards in polished stainless steel, and not in green color, as they were originally.

lx16 - lisan cycles

The chosen colors were: Dark Green for the frame and fork powder coating paint , and Brown in some of the more visible components to create contrast: as the saddle, tires, pedals and cork grips.
We tried to recover as much original components as possible, but the big challenge were the wheels, which needed a lot of work to restore the Sturmey Archer hub, wherein we only had to replace the accessories of the set: shifter, pulley, etc … which although functional were a bit badly treated.

Summary of some new components:

  • Classic Long Spring saddle in Brown – Tabor
  • Natural Cork Grips – Velo Orange
  • Dark Brown Pedals –  Union Sport
  • Brake levers – VeloOrange City
  • Dual Pivot Brakes
  • Brown Tires – Kenda
  • Classic Rear Rack
  • LED Headlight
  • Classic Bell – similar to the original
  • Sturmey Archer Accessories

Learn more about our Restoration Process.

Some items from our store used in this restoration

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