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LX15 – blue IBA

LX15 - blue IBA

Nuno contacted us to recover his wife’s childhood bicycle so that she ride it again whenever the good weather allows it.

The bicycle is an IBA lady model from the 80’s, with plenty of rust but still “rolling”. The goal wasn’t to make a trully faithful restoration but to give the bike a refresh look, maintaining its original personality as well as all the functional components, but taking out some elements, like the optical group and the rear rack.

The first thing decided was the color of the coating paint, in a light blue tone, and the dark brown color to contrast in some of thr more visible components: as the saddle, leather grips and pedals.
Almost all of the remaining components have been recovered and cleaned, such as the handlebar, stem, crankset and wheels.

LX15 - blue IBA


Summary of new components::

  • Classic Springs Saddle Victoria in dark brown (link)
  • Leather Handlebar Grips in dark brown (link)
  • Union Sport Pedals in dark brown (link)
  • Brake levers  – VeloOrange City
  • Brakes  – Dia-Compe
  • Classic bicolor Tires – Kenda
  • Classic Bell – multicolor triangles (link)
  • Reflective Spoke Sticks (link)

Learn more about our Processo de Restauro.


«When I made a search to find someone to recover my wife’s bicycle, I found several bike workshops on the internet. The truth is that I didn’t just want a restoration, I wanted innovation too. And this factor is harder to perceive and to find…
Happybicycle.pt soon proved to be able to respond to the challenge, through their previous work, through their initial approach, through their frankness at the first contact.
The project went very well, with great commitment from happybicycle.pt, with ideas and innovation. The bike is a classic but could well be modern…

Thank you very much!. My wife loved it!»

– Nuno L. –


Some items from our store used in this restoration

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