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LX13 – Órbita Mini Ginga

LX13 - Órbita Mini Ginga

9-year-old Madalena inherited this Mini Ginga bike, with more than 30 years, from her aunt.

Madalena liked very much the Esmaltina bicycle that we recovered some time ago (link), so her mother asked us to make an identical restoration, but maintaining the “laid-back” personality of this classic Mini Ginga Chopper.

This Mini Ginga bicycle was in pretty bad shape, but with the Powder coating paint, the zinc plating of most of the components, the new seat cover and some accessories, it was new again!
Now all you need is to get another bike for the little sister ;).

Learn more about our Restoration Process.

Some items from our store used in this restyling

Handlebar Grip Rings | Vintage brass bell – Small | White Classic Pedals
Wicker Basket | White Flower Garland

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